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Hey guys, welcome back to!

For those of you that have been following me for a while then you already know about this site. Well, sort of. has gone through many changes over the years and — what the original eventually evolved into — is now the premier site to visit for all things performance footwear related.

As this site evolved into WearTesters, my YouTube Channel has been evolving as well. It was once a place for shoes only, but now that I’ve finally gotten more comfortable in front of a camera things have started to change. I still upload plenty of sneaker videos, reviews, and performance reviews, but I’ve also added many new things into the mix as well. The Unboxing a Ton of Dope Sh*t series has allowed me open up a bit more and show you guys what else I’m into. Comics, action figures, movies (mostly comic book movies), Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

And this brings us all the way back around to the new This is my space. Not MySpace, but my space. This is where I will share the other interest I have outside of the sneaker and hoops world. Here, it will be easy to sift through the other things I’ve done, and will continue to do. Nightwing Knows, Unboxing a Ton of Dope Sh*t, Trash Talk, Vlogs, anything that I want to talk about, really. It’ll all go here.

So, with that said. Welcome back! I hope you stay a while and enjoy the content. I think it’ll be fun to nerd out together.



  1. So here you are Nightwing… so that means on WearTesters you will now just be known as “Chris”? 😛

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