Ben Affleck Looks to Tell Original Story of Batman in Upcoming Solo Film

Ben Affleck Looks to Tell Original Story of Batman in Upcoming Solo Film

Something we may not have seen coming, Ben Affleck looks to tell an original story of The Batman in his upcoming solo films.

Ben Affleck Looks to Tell the Origin of Batman in Upcoming Solo Film 2

Before we go all bat-sh*t crazy, let’s think about things logically. I know, comic nerds and logic tend to be like oil and water, but hear me out.

We don’t really know this Batman. The intro to Batman v Superman gave us a quick re-telling of Bruce’s origins, but that’s all we got. What happened afterward? Yes, they went over a lot of that within Batman Begins, but I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about what happened after that. How’d Robin die? Who was Robin? Was Dick Grayson the one that died, or was it Jason? If Jason — I know Snyder already confirmed that it was Jason — was the one that died then how’d that happen?

Most of us nerds likely know the comic book answers to these questions, but this isn’t the comics. Let me reiterate that…this isn’t the comics, this is the movie universe. Not only that, it’s the new movie universe. If you’ve read and understand the Flashpoint story-arch then I know you can understand this.

Ben Affleck Looks to Tell the Origin of Batman in Upcoming Solo Film 3I think this could be awesome. Well, I actually think this will be awesome. The Batman we saw in Batman v Superman was older, weary of the world, and willing to kill. Getting to know that Batman, and why and how he came to be is something I think should be explored. For all we know, they could wind up being able to jump right into the story of Bruce being the Batman as we’ve witnessed his parent’s death in BvS — this new movie universe is connected, after all.

I’d love to see a young Bruce learning how to fight crime, then move quickly into becoming the world’s greatest detective, to going directly into training Dick (flashbacks), then seeing the introduction into Jason Todd. Now, we have a story to tell. Not just a montage/recap of Batman’s origin, but the true origin of the Batman we were introduced to in BvS. The one that lost a Robin.

From there we could have sequels galore. Maybe having the second movie show how Oracle came to be — further tormenting the mind of the Bat — and pushing him past the point of no return (in terms of sparing a criminal’s life or taking it). Which leads into my only real question: why spare the Joker’s life? We clearly saw Batman kill people. Lots of people. Yes, they were criminals, but why leave the Clown Prince of Crime alive? Maybe the fan theories are true…maybe the Joker is Jason Todd. I mean, if you’re going to take someone’s life, wouldn’t it make more sense if it were a mass murderer instead of a street thug or errand boy?

What if Batman killed the Joker that murdered Jason Todd, and the Joker we see now is someone else?

Ben Affleck Looks to Tell the Origin of Batman in Upcoming Solo Film 4

We know Suicide Squad takes place after BvS. Which means we know the Joker is alive and well. So, why not kill him? DC’s Rebirth has shown us that there are three Jokers. Maybe Jason is one of them.

I’ve gone on for much longer than I originally planned, sorry about that. But hearing the news of Ben Affleck wanting to take on an original Batman story just had me thinking of all the wonderful possibilities. They will not be adapting the comics we know and love into feature films. Instead, they’ll be pulling tidbits from these stories and creating their own using the characters we’ve gotten to know over our lifetimes.

If you have an open mind, then I think you’re going to enjoy where all this movie stuff is headed. If not…well, then there is always the Internet for you to troll away on. It’s your digital bridge to hide under.

If you wanted to read the entire story about Ben Affleck wanting to tell his own original story of the Batman then make sure you click here. Be sure to share your thoughts, theories, and expectations below in the comment section as well.

Let’s nerd out together.

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  1. I cannot wait to see where it goes. I have no hopes or expectations, I’m just excited. The stories are known among nerds, it’s time for something new. What these comic book movies have taught us is that the movies are NEVER as good as the comics were in our heads. So it makes sense to adapt new stories.

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